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Acrobatics Classes

Ages 4+

Legacy Academy's Acrobatics classes are based around infusing gymnastics and dance elements, to create an exciting, motion filled, enjoyable class, with every child achieving above and beyond... 

The classes focus on limbering, strength, flexibility, balance, fitness, tumbling,  jumps, leaps, tricks, extensions, musicality, lifts, stamina, fitness and much more, working on the students individual progression as well as group work in duo's, trio's, and troupes.

Legacy Academy offer all Acrobatics students a chance to enter into examinations, performance tests, and also school productions, giving them all the very best experiences and training under

Acrobatic Arts, Acrotrix, and BTDA.









Classes Running:

Junior Acrobatics

Intermediate Acrobatics 

Pre-Senior Acrobatics

Advanced Acrobatics

We also offer Gym Tots, for 1.5-4 years, an introductory class for our toddlers & preschoolers.

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