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Toddler Classes

Ages 1.5 - 4 years Welcome

Legacy's toddler classes are specially designed to help encourage and engage little ones development, sensory, social and motor skills, bringing joy and happiness to all involved with use of wonderful props, music, songs, imagination, role play, creativity, and more allowing your little ones to flourish in confidence and ability.

Classes Running:

Sensory Dance

Nursery Ballet & Jazz

 Silver Rose Ballet & Jazz

Gold Rose Ballet, Jazz, & Tap

Returning Soon:

Mini Performers

Gym Tots

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What Each Class Entails:


Sensory Dance:

A toddler introductory dance class, involving parents/guardians throughout the lessons. Favourite songs & nursery Rhymes with lots of use of props, imagination and interaction with others, through basic dance movements encouraging and developing motor and social skills, giving each student a basic understanding of dance and rhythm, and a chance to grow in confidence and ability.

Ages 1.5-4 years welcome.


Gym Tots:

Toddlers introductory class to Legacy’s Acrobatics classes. Use of fun props, like ribbons, scarves, balls, shakers, and music to warm up, lots of interaction and brilliant for their co-ordination. The focus of the class then goes onto various strength and flexibility movements, working our way through various tricks and tumbles, forward and backward rolls, bridges, headstands, fishtails, splits, pike stretch, straddles, and so on.

Ages 2-4 years welcome.

Mini Performers:

Learn to sing, dance, act, and become the best mini performer! These classes entail a collaboration of all performing arts subjects, tailored perfectly for our gorgeous toddlers. Week by week they will learn song and dances to their favourite music, act through role play, dressing up in costume, use of puppets, props, instruments, and more, using their imaginations and creativity throughout.

Ages 3-4 year olds welcome.

Nursery Ballet & Jazz:

Legacy Academy's Nursery Ballet & Jazz dance classes teaches the very basics of both techniques, giving a brilliant introduction to dance all round. Learning 1st Position, Good Toes Naughty Toes, Demi Plie's, Points, Mimes, Skips, Gallops, Marches, Kicks, Runs, and lots more through a very fun, loving class, with lots of imagination, wonderful props, favourite music, and storytelling, making it the most magical it could ever be. This class will also work on group dances for showcases, & performances within Legacy Academy, giving the little ones a chance to experience and be introduced to performing.

This class is for 2-3 year olds.

Rose Ballet & Jazz:

Just like our Nursery Ballet & Jazz dance classes, we work through the basic techniques, understanding, & performance aspects of these subjects, for an all round excellent introduction to dance & performing arts, through a very fun, loving, educational class, with lots of imagination, wonderful props, favourite music per dance style, storytelling, keeping it just as magical as it could ever be.

This class work towards their first ever introductory Silver & Gold Rose Award examinations under BTDA, which is taken in a class setting with up to 4 students in at a time, the teacher is in the room with them guiding them through their set exercises & dance, and at the end they are then each presented with wonderful results, comments, a beautiful certificate, & not forgetting a stunning trophy. This class also work on group dances for showcases, & performances within Legacy Academy.

This class is for 3-5 year olds.

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