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Adult Dance Classes

Ages 18+


Our faculty's passion for the arts goes much further than children's classes, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to fall in love with dance, and that you can start from any age. These adult dance classes are a wonderful way to workout, exercise, have fun, meet new people, and most importantly learn something new. Adults of all ages welcome, these classes are easily adapted to suit everyone's individual needs and limits.

Returning soon:

Dance Fit* Ballet Fit * Tap


What Each Class Entails:

Dance Fitness:

A friendly, motivating, fun, and encouraging fitness class, in which every individual works to their own limitations, no pressure!  All ages welcome! The class is set out with a good warm up, then various focus areas toning, strengthening, improving suppleness and flexibility, alongside learning new steps to all the favourite tracks, travelling, floor work, and centre work, Then the class work on a routine every few weeks, for example Footloose, Sax, Micheal Jackson, Bruno Mars, Grease, Mamma Mia,  followed by a good cool down at the end. Bring a drink, optional sweat towel, and gym mat, and let the workout commence! 

Ballet Fit:

A gentle very effective way to workout, tone, strengthen, and gain flexibility, whilst learning or refreshing on the dance styles. A free movement style warm up,  very contemporary based, with use of relaxation, limbering, core, and basic positions, moving onto travelling work, hops, runs, leaps, turns, demonstrating classical technique. The class then focuses on Classical Ballet exercises and enchainments, with use of Plie, Rises and Releve, Battements Tendu, Port de Bras, Adage, Petit Allegro, with modern Ballet music. Each week the class focus on learning a dance with elements of contemporary being demonstrated, to current tracks, followed by a relaxing effective cool down to end.  Ballet is not a stereotype. anyone can learn and at any age!  Challenge yourself, learn how to relax and control movements, be graceful, and strong! 


An exciting form of dance that involves dancers wearing special shoes equipped with metal taps. Tap dancers use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats as a form of percussion. A popular dance style that everyone loves, the class works through understanding of rhythms, sounds, various simple steps, then progressing onto set exercises, and developing the skill and technique! Each class is varied for beginners to intermediate, with simplified and trickier steps to accommodate and challenge all! Each week the class also work on a dance routine, collaborating body style, tap steps, rhythm, co-ordination, and direction, for all to gain the very best, motivating, fun, experience for all, a great way to exercise physically and mentally, with a great supportive class and teachers!

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