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Legacy's Classes:

Legacy Academy's main stream classes focus on the British Theatre Dance Association, Acrobatic Arts, Acrotrix, and iD-Company syllabi, alongside free work and choreography, offering all students brilliant, modern, top quality training. These classes run through Nursery, Rose, (please see under Toddler Classes for more information) Preparatory, Primary, Grades 1-8, and also Major levels of Intermediate-Diploma, allowing students to make clear progression routes, with the option to take examinations, performance medal tests, and to perform in shows.

Classical Ballet:

 Teaches students how to move with the greatest possible agility, control, speed, lightness, and grace, using the classic, structured movements and positions. These classes start from just age 2, with a magical, creative fun filled class with use of props and well known music and rhymes, then gradually progressing through the grades, (often from Grade 4+ students are invited to Pointe Work classes) to a mature advanced level of Ballet education, demonstrating passion, commitment, and focus, potentially leading into various career opportunities. Ballet is often spoken of as the core subject of dance.

Modern Jazz:

  A vibrant, enjoyable, technical dance subject covering a wide range of jazz styles throughout. Turns, Kicks, Leaps, Walks, Jumps, Isolations, Strength, Flexibility, Body Style, and Performance are all key elements to Jazz.  Again we introduce this dance style very early on, from just age 2, learning the basics jazzy walks, skips, jumps, gallops, claps, arm lines, wiggly hips, then progressing right through to learning and developing their own personal style in Modern Jazz.  


An exciting form of dance that involves dancers wearing special shoes equipped with metal taps. Tap dancers use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats as a form of percussion. Our Tap classes are introduced from age 5, allowing students to have developed co-ordination and an understanding of rhythm, It is from here that the real progression begins quickly, working through set steps, exercises and routines, alongside lots of free work and choreography, working on solos or groups, to allow each and every student to have the very best learning within the style.


Classes are based around infusing gymnastics and dance elements, to create an exciting, motion filled, enjoyable class, with every child achieving above and beyond... The classes focus on limbering, strength, flexibility, balance, fitness, tumbling, jumps, leaps, tricks, extensions, musicality, lifts, stamina, fitness and much more, working on the students individual progression as well as group work in duo's, trio's, and troupes. Our Acrobatics classes start from age 1.5, in our Gym Tots introductory class, then moving into juniors and continually progressing up through the different levels under Acrobatic Arts, Acrotrix, and BTDA.

Commercial & Street Dance:

A collaboration of dance styles put under one name. This can include Street, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Contemporary. It is the type of dance seen in music videos, on the catwalk and at fashion shows, artist tours, advertising campaigns, corporate events, TV and film etc. This is a free work class, involving technique warm ups, interpreting different body styles, use of favourite music hits, classic and current, free style jamming sessions, and learning various routines throughout each term. This class is offered to perform in Legacy's shows, to give the students great experiences. Age 5+ welcome.


Legacy combine Lyrical and Contemporary dance into one class to enable all students to express all emotions and story-telling through dance. With understandings of the dance techniques being learnt week by week, this class focuses on different steps, turns, leaps, contact, contract, release, extensions, gracefulness, attack, how to express feelings and emotions through movement in performance, with various genres of music, working on solos, duets, trios, and troupes. Ages 8+ welcome. This class is also offered to perform in Legacy's various shows, examinations and performance examinations, to give the students great experiences. Age 8+ welcome.


A collaboration of singing, dancing, and acting, through performance, put together to create the very best interpretations, and study worldwide recognised Musicals, stage and theatre productions, such as: Les Miserables, Billy Elliot, Matilda, Wicked, We Will Rock You, Chicago, Catz, Grease, Annie, Wizard of Oz, Singing in the rain, Oliver, The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Cabaret, Moulin Rouge, Footloose, Rocky Horror Show, Starlight Express, Hairspray, 42nd  Street, Lion King, and many many more. This class work on audition processes, castings, singing, dancing and acting techniques, solo and group work, improvisations, and more giving all our students the very best knowledge and understanding, throughout our really enjoyable classes. Our Musical Theatre classes take part in all of Legacy's performances, and can also take examinations, & performance Medal Tests, through LAMDA & BTDA. These classes are split into junior age 5+ an Senior age 9+.


Legacy's Drama classes work heavily towards confidence, and skill building, giving every individual the very best experience and knowledge, working towards their best potential, going through the various LAMDA examinations available: Shakespeare, Introductory, Communications, Performance, Musical Theatre, Speech, literature, and Poetry. We believe drama has the power to transform lives. We want more people to share in this experience through training, productions, and qualifications, inspiring the next generation. During our drama classes each week, the students focus on individual work, learning different roles and characters, and also group pieces for Legacy's performances, and examinations. Age 8+ welcome.


Each week all students learn key vocal techniques, with one to one time, solo and group singing, learning their favourite current and classic songs from the charts, and musicals, Each student is able to widen their vocals using, breathing techniques, projection, pronunciation, tuning, tone, clarity, expression, posture and more, giving them maximum top training. Our singing students are entered for performance examinations, and also musical theatre examinations under BTDA, and LAMDA. We love to give every student the best opportunities, by also including them in our shows, competitions, festivals, and outside performances. Age 8+ welcome.


Legacy Elite Performers:

An invitation only class, to those who are excelling in their subjects, showing dedication and hard work throughout all their subjects. This class work towards competitions and festivals, becoming Legacy's Elite Performers! Working on each individuals talents to really excel in all performance aspects, achieving the best results! Competition pieces could be solo, duos, small groups, or troupes. Various subjects: Lyrical/Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Song and Dance, Singing, Classical Ballet, Character and more available for entries. These pieces will then also be placed into our Examinations for further high achievements. 

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